Arcade Games

 After reading Rollings and Adam’s viewpoint on arcade games I was left wondering, have I been tricked all these years? Were my multiple attempts at beating arcade games really due to the fact that game designers increased the level of difficulty to get your money and not because I sucked at playing them? How does the designer create a level of difficulty to keep one intrigued and willing to keep playing  the game, rather than feel defeated and give up?

Also, regarding the multiplayer vs single player games they state: “If you are working on multiplayer competitive games, in which the players provide the challenge for each other, you’re less likely to make this mistake. But it’s an easy trap to fall into when designing single-player games because it’s up to you to provide the challenges. ” What multiplayer games have there been in the past where the challenge HAS been provided to the players and despite Rollings and Adam’s thoughts, have they had any success?

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