Educational Games

My question is in regards to the boundaries of educational games. How much information can an educational game pass on to a user in an efficient manner? Educational games appear to be great at teaching basic concepts and skills such as multiplication, typing, the properties of rocks, etc. But can a game effectively help a pre-medical student prepare for the MCAT? When preparing for my MCAT, my goal was to digest as much information possible in the most efficient manner possible. The shear amount of content was the obstacle and the amount of time available to prepare the limiting factor. I believe that the “game” aspect of a game would destract from the learning in this case. I believe that students may prefer to spend 1 hour with some boring old flash cards than 3 or 4 hours with a MCAT learning adventure, in an effort to expedite the process. So… Are there boudaries of educational games associated with subject matter?

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